Alpha Chi Omega Fashion Show

It is that time of the year again- Fashion Show season! The Iota Lambda chapter of Alpha Chi Omega put on their annual philanthropy event for awareness against domestic violence at the Fort Worth Club on February 24, 2013. This year the organization raised $6,000 for the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and $41,404.93 for the Women’s Center resulting in the grand total of $47,404.93 raised by the chapter.Image

“I can’t believe how you do this year after year. Thank you so much!” said Nadia Alareksoussi, the Volunteer Coordinator for The Women’s Center. She started to tear up as she received the news and a hug from Chelsea Jones who gave her the news of this year’s success.

The fashion show was orchestrated by Sierra Albertson organizing the silent auction, Alexandra Dekleva choosing the clothes, Melanie O’Boyle instructing the models, Chelsea Jones running the finances, and Allison Roehm coordinating the communication. These five Alpha Chi Omega sisters came together to take charge of their positions so that the entire event could run together without a hitch.

“All of the fashion show chairs put in so much time and effort to put on the show this year. We had a goal to raise $43,000 and ended up surpassing this by over $4,000. I am so thankful to have been a part of this event, and I am so proud of everyone that has been involved. I thank every contributor for making this year’s event so successful,” said Chelsea Jones.

The event was split into two different sections. When guests first arrived, they walked into the silent auction room. Baskets, all with different themes, lined the walls and were filled with generous donations. So many donors came forward to be involved in the silent action. Vendors included different shops, restaurants, and services, such as T Shop, Salatta, and Fair Park’s Summer Musicals. Girls could also buy raffle tickets for a Texas Rangers suite, James Avery earrings, or a six-month gym membership.

“I was astounded by the support we had from our surrounding community. Everyone came together and donated over $22,000 worth of items. It was incredible to see how excited everyone was to support our cause to end domestic violence,” said Sierra Albertson.

After moms and daughters had the chance to bid, an excitement filled the room because of the desire to grab a front row seat for the fashion show. Models from different organizations on campus volunteered to strut their stuff representing some of the cutest clothes that can be found right here in Fort Worth.

“I thought the fashion show was not just fun because we got to see a bunch of beautiful clothes and bid on some really fun baskets, but it was great to know that everything we did was for something greater. I had a great time with my mom and friends, but I also was so touched that I was able to help the lives of the women in our community. Can’t wait for next year,” said Alyse Cicio, a freshman Alpha Chi Omega.

         At the end of the day, it did not matter if girls walked out carrying a basket or just with a smile, the consensus in the room was everyone enjoyed spending time with their moms and their sisters while being able to give back to the philanthropy that everyone cares so much about.


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