Alpha Chi Omega takes on Greek Week

From April 1 to April 6, a competitive air surrounded Greek organizations on TCU’s campus. Greek Week, organized by Order of Omega, Collaborative Greek Alliance, and TCU Sorority and Fraternity Life, has come and gone leaving Alpha Chi Omega girls able to look back at the time they spent working together. Alpha Chi was a member of Team 1 during the games which also included Phi Delta Theta, Chi Upsilon Sigma, and Tau Beta Sigma.  Image

On Monday, all organizations wore their Greek letters to represent the pride they held for being apart of something greater than themselves. Even from the beginning, Team 1 was in the top with gathering 102 points that first day. “I loved passing by my sisters and knowing that I was connected to so many people on campus. The points gained were just a bonus,” said Madie K.

Tuesday night was when Team 1 started to kick into gear. All teams took part in Greek Jeopardy where they were questioned about the organizations on campus. Karin Chang not only was the volunteer from Alpha Chi Omega, but also she represented all four organizations in Team 1. It was in between Team 1 and Team 2 until final jeopardy, where Karin put it all on the line and then answered the question correctly! At that point, Team 1 took the lead with 206 points. When asked about the experience, Karin said, “After all the [Alpha Chi] girls came out i was really surprised and really happy to have everyone standing behind me and supporting me becuase I really was nervous. Everyone was super encourging and kept telling me i could do it, and with my sisters there I did!” Karin Chang later won MVP of Alpha Chi Omega’s Greek Week team.

With the Coldstone event on Wednesday night, Alpha Chi was excited to help out while being able to enjoy ice cream. “Watching them mark our tallys down was really exciting,” said Grace Maguire. Team 1 kept the lead with ending the night with 260 points. When asked if she enjoyed the Greek Week event, Whitney Ground said, “It was great being able to see all of my sisters hanging out together showing their panhellenic spirit!”

The next day, Alpha Chi joined with its other team members and participated in the Greek Games. The five members to step up to take on the other teams were Abby Yonker, Felicia Garza, Ashley Madonna, Jill Rosso, and Stephanie Milligan. Games included an obstacle course, a water balloon toss, and a pie eating contest. Even though only five girls competed in the games, many, many girls came out to cheer on their sisters. The team took third in the battle, but kept the lead in the war with 345 points.

The last Greek Games event tied in with TCU’s LEAPS on Saturday. Many Alpha Chi girls went to different site locations to volunteer, but a large group went to Harvesting Hope Gardens- a community garden in Arlington, TX. The group prepared beds and planted different vegetables. Many of the girls stated that they could not wait until they could come back and assist the gardeners because they had so much fun. “Leaps was a great way to end a week filled with Greek unity and pride. Incorporating it into Greek Week motivated more students to participate and serve the community with their sisters,” said Nicole D., the leader of the LEAPS group.


Alpha Chi Omega finished off the week in second place only 10 points away from taking the overall win! The girls of Alpha Chi Omega felt proud of the work they put into Greek Week and are excited to participate again next year.


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