New Members Discuss Initiation

It is finally here, Spring Initiation! New members have been hard at work exploring the world of Alpha Chi Omega and the Iota Lambda chapter is more than ready to welcome these girls into the bond. Each girl was asked to explain their feelings about the big day and what they believe being a fully initiated sister means.


Jordan MacAskill, class of 2016, stated “I’m really excited to be an official member. Being an official member will just intensify the bond of sisterhood for me!” When asked about the events leading up to initiation entailed, she replied “Lyre week is a way of looking back and seeing all I’ve gained from Alpha Chi already. As well as all of the traditions and rituals I will soon be a part.”

Courtney Cheek, class of 2015, knew that it was a big day she would never forget! She can not wait to always be able to say she is a sister of Alpha Chi.

Amanda Dorsey, class of 2016, said “I am so happy that I decided to join Alpha Chi. I know I definitely picked the right sorority for me! I’m excited to become an official member!” When asked about Lyre Week, she felt the events gave her the opportunity to “learn more about what it’s like to be a part of Alpha Chi and learn about some of the traditions!”

Mackenzie Schulien, class of 2016, mentioned she was so grateful for all of the events that lead up to the big day and said she felt the week was when “all of the chapter set aside time to celebrate us as we prepare for initiation. It is a time for the girls getting initiated to see the chapter appreciate their becoming members.” She also added, “I am also excited to soon be sisters three times over with Sam: we are biological sisters, sisters in Christ through baptism and now we will also be sisters in Alpha Chi Omega.”

Liz Oster, class of 2015, stated “I was a little overwhelmed at first but over time I really got the hang of everything. Everyone was really helped and I did feel very welcomed into the chapter.” When asked about the events of the week, she answered “It’s so special that this week is set up for the new members!”

Sydney DeSpain, class of 2016, said “Everything we’ve been learning about is becoming real, and I’ll officially be able to say I’m a sister of Alpha Chi.” When asked about the week leading up to the event, she replied “Lyre week was really neat for me- it really showed the support that Alpha Chi has for all it’s members, and that gave me reassurance in that I’ll always be surrounded by people who care about me.”

April 12, 2013 is just around the corner and the anticipation is almost too much to bear for these girls that are so close to their initiation. The chapter is counting down until they can finally call these new members life-long sisters.


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