Sisters Abroad 2013

While a majority of our sisters were busy with their studies in Fort Worth, a few of the women in our chapter ventured out into the world and took a semester abroad. Although we missed each one of them greatly and are so glad to have them back home, we are happy they each had the opportunity to have such amazing experiences. Two of the girls that went abroad last semester, Mary Kate Zagotta and Kylie Corson, share their stories of being abroad.

Mary Kate studied in Florence, Italy for her junior-year spring semester. When asked what her favorite part being abroad she said she enjoyed visiting many unique and beautiful sites and meeting new people. She also said, “The biggest lesson that I learned was how to adapt to things.  I had to learn to adapt to the obvious changes like time, appliances, language, etc. But,I also had to adapt to situations and I had to learn how to figure out what to do when things didn’t go perfectly as planned (which happened a lot).”

Here is Mary Kate having some fun in Italy!
Here is Mary Kate having some fun in Italy!

Kylie Corson studied in Sevilla, Spain for her junior-year spring semester as well. She said she would highly recommend venturing abroad during college because “it’s an awesome experience and something you don’t want to miss out on!” When asked what was the biggest lesson she learned while in Spain, she said “I learned [to] have confidence in myself. Whether it was getting lost on the metro in Rome or trying to get cold medicine at the spanish pharmacy I learned I could figure it out on my own and I was able to accomplish alot more than I thought I would ever be able to.”

Here are some Alpha Chis throwing what they know in Spain!
Here are some Alpha Chis throwing what they know in Spain!

Although these girls were in different countries, both still felt strong connections to the chapter. Mary Kate said “with the constant emails and Facebook updates it was nice knowing how things were going and knowing that I had this amazing place and people to return to in the Fall. I never felt disconnected from the chapter.”  Kylie said, “I felt support from my friends in the chapter when I was still trying to adapt to a whole new lifestyle and knowing they were missing me.”

Sinclaire D. and Lauren Watt are taking advantage of the break and using their summer vacation to explore Brussels, Belgium. When asked about her experience, Lauren said “studying abroad is definitly an amazing experience and I know I’m going to grow so much, but its also really challenging and you have to be able to face some difficulties and get out of your comfort zone.”  When asked about traveling with a sister, Sinclaire said “it’s really nice to have a sister as a sort of built-in support system abroad when so many other things are foreign.” To learn more about their trip, you can follow Lauren’s personal blog at

No matter where our sisters may be, we are still connected with the bond of Alpha Chi Omega. And no matter where any of our individual members are now, I know that we are all looking forward to being back home in August!


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