Sister of the Week

This week, we are taking the time to recognize one sister’s continuous work to ensure a successful recruitment for the entire chapter. She has been hard at work all semester long and is now feverishly preparing for August! This week’s Sister of the Week goes to Hannah Gill!

Hannah is going to be a senior and is majoring in Film, Television, and Digital Media with a minor in General Business. She is the Collegiate Recruiting Information Chair and also runs the chapter Instagram, @tcualphachi. Although the details of her position are top secret, no one can deny that she truly deserves this recognition.

Congratulations to Hannah for being named this week's "Sister of the Week!"
Congratulations to Hannah for being named this week’s “Sister of the Week!”

When told she was nominated Hannah said, “”This is such an honor, and I am so grateful to my sisters for their love and support!! And I am so thankful to be part of a chapter that is doing great things!”

Other than working for our chapter, Hannah plans to travel over her summer vacation. She is spending half the summer at home in Augusta, Georgia, taking an Environmental Life Science class at the University of South Carolina. For the second half of the summer, she will be going on a Mediterranean cruise!

Congrats on being named this week’s Sister of the Week, Hannah! You have surely earned it with all of  your hard work! Remember to keep nominating girls for Sister of the Week!!! Tune in next week to see who the next winner is!


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