Sister of the Week

This “Sister of the Week” nomination shows how strong our chapter’s bond is. The nominated sister’s big, Audrey Leppke, decided she wanted to show off her little. This week’s spotlight shines on Carly Hirvela!

Congratulations, Carly, for being named our latest "Sister of the Week!"
Congratulations, Carly, for being named our latest “Sister of the Week!”

Carly Hirvela is a sophomore business major  at TCU. Some of the extracurriculars that she participated in last year were Honors Cabinet, Student Ambassadors, Hall Crew, Connections Mentoring, LeaderKids, and Leadership for Life. She hopes to continue making a difference on campus in every way she can.

This Saturday, June 29, 2013, she and Maren West, a junior Alpha Chi Omega, will be headed to Warsaw, Poland to begin a three week journey through Eastern Europe. Destinations include Warsaw, Poland; Krakow, Poland; Budapest, Hungry; and Prague, Czech Republic. The emphasis of the trip is learning about the cultures of the locations.

She is also the newest member of our 2012-2013 Alpha Chi Omega Executive Board. Carly is taking over VP of Scholarship from Kelly Allen, who will be studying abroad this fall. She plans to continue all of the programs Kelly has started while also bringing new ideas to the table- like having a weekly prize for study hours girls.

Carly and Audrey look so happy showing off their Alpha Chi O'merica gear!
Carly and Audrey look so happy showing off their Alpha Chi O’merica gear!

When asked why Carly should be nominated, Audrey said “I love being Carly’s big because at times we are so similar at times and complete opposite at others, but no matter what I know that she will always be there to make me laugh, cheer me on, or get froyo. I think she deserves to be Alpha Chi of the week because she puts 110% into everything she does and always does it with a giant smile on her face. I am so proud to call her my little and love her very much.”

When questioned about her big, Carly said “my big has made my experience in Alpha Chi what it is. In the beginning, I wasn’t too sure what a sorority was all about, but as soon as I met my big I truly understood the definition of sisterhood. I had met a girl that I could have fun with no matter what we were doing, and someone I could always go to with anything. I honestly feel I was blessed with the perfect big for me!”

We are so glad to hear how happy this Big/Little pair is and we are excited to be reunited with them in August! Again, congratulations, Carly! Keep up the good work in and out of Alpha Chi! Don’t forget to nominate a hard-working sister for next week’s award! You can make another sister just as happy as Carly was when she received the news she was nominated. She said, “I feel so honored and blessed to be recognized amongst an amazing group of girls!! Thank you all!” Contact Ashley Madonna with suggestions for worthy winners!


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