Connecting to Other Chapters: Part 2

Being an Alpha Chi means joining into a long line of real strong women. Alpha Chi Omega’s bond extends much further than the boarders of TCU’s campus. Iota Lambda has so many connections to other Alpha Chi Omega chapters, we could never name them all. Here are a few of the connections some of our sisters have with other Alpha Chi Omegas that attend different schools.

Here you can see that sisters Sydney and Shelby always have each other's backs.
Here you can see that sisters Sydney and Shelby always have each other’s backs.

Sydney DeSpain, an Alpha Chi at TCU, and Shelby Rasner, an Alpha Chi at the University of Alabama, joined the same cheerleading team 6 years ago and have been friends ever since. When Sydney received her bid car for Alpha Chi, she automatically texted Shelby to tell her the great news! When asked what the best part of being in the same sorority as her friend from home was, Sydney said “we went to the same high school and cheered together for many years, but after that was over, it seemed as if we didn’t get to see each other as much. Now that we both have the bond of Alpha Chi, we have so much that we can do, especially over the summer. We are planning to craft for our littles together, and we are also trading some Alpha Chi shirts. Having someone at home who understands Greek life and has the same passion for Alpha Chi as I do is the best part.”

Carly and her friends from home are happy they can share in the same bond- Alpha Chi Omega.

Carly Hirvela, an Alpha Chi at TCU, met Yliana and Ursula Trevino, Alpha Chis at Texas A&M, through the church group, Logos. Carly describes these girls as funny, beautiful, and caring, which she then connects to Alpha Chi by saying “I believe that all AXO women are funny beautiful and caring. It does not matter which chapter each individual belongs to, we all possess similar core values.” Carly said that the best part of having her friends of 15 years in Alpha Chi was she could discuss the secrets and rituals of the sorority while she is spending time with them at home. She also added “my best friends from home and I have always been like sisters. I remember when they called during recruitment week and said they were thinking about going Alpha Chi Omega. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to share the bond of sisterhood!”

Here is Kyra and Kayce throwing what they know!
Here is Kyra and Kayce throwing what they know!

Kyra Fry, an Alpha Chi at TCU, has two very important Alpha Chis in her life, her close friend and her cousin. Kyra met Kayce Pederson, an Alpha Chi at Southern Methodist University, through attending the same school as her. When asked how the bond of AXO changed their friendship, Kyra said “not only are we friends, we’re also sisters and to me, that is incredible. I can’t really explain it, but that has definitely made our friendship stronger because of the undeniable bond that Alpha Chi Omegas have with each other – whether you are from the same chapter or not.” Kyra’s cousin, Kate Kruse, an Alpha Chi at Iowa State University, has been an important part of Kyra’s life since the day she was born. She described Kate as “not only [her] cousin, she is [her] best friend and now she is a sister. She is the most loving, faithful, compassionate and beautiful (inside & out) person [she] know[s]. [She] feels honored to share the bond of Alpha Chi Omega with her.” We are so happy Kyra has been able to incorporate all of that Alpha Chi love into so many aspects of her life.

I feel like sharing in the bond has just made our friendship that much closer, because I know you can relate to many of the same things I experience even though you are hundreds of miles away. It is also so special we share Alpha Chi as a family and can be legacies together.” – Kate Kruse, a member of the Delta Nu chapter of AXO.

Here Kyra and Kate are enjoying spending time together and are representing the powerful bond that holds them together, Alpha Chi Omega.

Because so many of our sisters wanted to share their experiences about their connections with other chapters, this topic will now be spread through a series of posts! Tune in next week to read about three more of our Iota Lambda sisters and their stories about how their bond extends further than anyone else could imagine.


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