Sister of the Week

Congrats, Megan!! You deserve your time in the spotlight!
Congrats, Megan!! You deserve your time in the spotlight!

Thank you to everyone that has been sending in nominations for Sister of the Week! This week’s spotlight shines on an Iota Lambda woman that has truly put her heart into her AXO position. Congratulations to Megan Sjulin!

Megan Sjulin, a junior Alpha Chi majoring in marketing with a minor in finance, is one of the twelve members that makes up our Executive Team. As the VP of Membership Programming, Megan organizes sisterhood bonding events, orchestrates Parents’, Mom’s, and Dad’s weekend, and plans “My Journey” retreats. Before she became an executive officer, she was held the slated position of Recognition Chair. She is also involved in the chapter by participating in our skit during Recruitment and acting as a AXO Nationals Student Trustee to AXO Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Outside of the chapter, Megan is involved with TCU’s Neely Fellows program and acts as their VP of Alumni Relations. She also volunteers with a variety of charities and participates in as many greek philanthropy events as she can.

This summer, she is interning at SMH Capital Advisors in their marketing department. Megan said that when she was not working she is learning to cook and she said she hopes to be “a gourmet chef by the end of the sumer!” I know that all of the girls living in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house next semester will be happy to hear that; maybe Megan will want to practice her new skills for the the girls she is living with!

When asked why Megan should be sister of the week, the nominating sister said “Megan loves Alpha CHi and would do anything to help our chapter advance. She’s done so much for the chapter as well as me personally. Not only is she a role model in Alpha Chi but also, through her involvement with other on campus commitments, she has become an inspiration for the importance of being apart of  many extracurriculars while at TCU.”

When Megan found out that she was this week’s Sister of the Week, she said “I’m so honored to be sister of the week! AXO has done so much for me as an individual and so I am determined to give back to our chapter and others through the leadership positions available to collegiate members.  Honoring sisters of the week is so important to show the world our members and highlight all the positive things they have achieved in their lives- and I’m so excited that I have achieved this honor!”

We all appreciate everything you do for Alpha Chi, Megan! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bettering our chapter. Tune in next week to see who will be the next spotlighted sister! If you want to send in a nomination for one of our Iota Lambda sisters, contact Ashley Madonna for more information.


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