Alpha Chi Omega Featured in TCU’s Tunnel of Oppression

On January 29th and 30th, Alpha Chi Omega was honored to join TCU’s Tunnel of Oppression event. The program, which was started in 1993 at Western Illinois University, brings attention to various forms of oppression that are occurring around the world at this very moment. The “tunnel” consisted of a various number of booths projecting the effects of issues such as sex-trafficking, poverty, and homelessness.

Alpha Chi Omega was asked to participate in the Tunnel and was the only sorority featured in the event. Seeing that our philanthropy focuses on victims of domestic violence, oppression is a term that Alpha Chi’s are quite aware of and a term that we are determined to diminish. The sad truth however, is that most people do not know how relevant domestic violence is, even in our own city. According to the Tarrant County Women’s Center (the Iota Lambda Chapter’s philanthropy headquarter), in 2012 they provided services to 96,488 women, children, and men who were victims of domestic violence. That number is 16,488 MORE than the capacity at the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium. Think about how huge that stadium is, and then picture thousands of more people on the field, all of whom had been domestically abused. Obviously domestic violence is a huge issue of oppression surrounding each and every one of us.


With much thanks to our VP Panhellenic and Philanthropy, Katy Oliphint, Alpha Chi set up a booth filled with pictures,a video, facts, and stories related to domestic violence.”It was such an honor to participate in Tunnel of Oppression. This was such a huge opportunity for Alpha Chi Omega, and an impactful way to make others aware of the domestic violence taking place all around us. Even if we only got one person to confide in a friend or seek help, we have been successful,” Katy Oliphint said. Katy, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Katy has done an exceptional job during her short time as an Executive Officer, letting Alpha Chi grow and participate in activities such as the Tunnel of Oppression, for the first time.

IMG_5664_zpsd94df046Having a spot participating in the Tunnel of Oppression has definitely spread the word about domestic violence. Our chapter even had a news story written by TCU 360, the student newspaper. You can view the article here. The time Alpha Chi spent at the Tunnel of Oppression really made a difference and raised awareness, as the article shows. Hopefully Alpha Chi Omega will continue working with the Tunnel of Oppression to raise awareness about domestic violence in years to come. Keep up the good work ladies! LITB


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