Hayley Love – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

ImageI am an Alpha Chi because it’s the reason I stayed at TCU. First semester freshman year I wasn’t in a sorority. I didn’t feel like I belonged, and I thought I wanted to transfer. I decided to sign up for Best Buddies, which is where I met Catie. She told me all about how much she loved her sorority, Alpha Chi, and said that I should think about spring recruitment. I soon started noticing Alpha Chis in clubs, classes, restaurants and practically everywhere around campus. The girls were always acting goofy and laughing. I am now an Alpha Chi because I can truly be myself around my sisters. They won’t judge me when I’m wearing sweats, with no make up on, and stuffing my face with some type of unhealthy food. I am constantly reminded of why I am an Alpha Chi because the friends that I am now surrounded with are such amazing people that always boost me up. On big little reveal when I chose my little, it solidified my choice even further. All of the girls that I see wearing our letters remind me of how blessed I am to be part of the best sisterhood I could ever hope for.

Hayley Love, Junior


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