Felicia Garza – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

ImageBeing Greek is something that is unfamiliar to my family and friends back home. With no one from my high school attending TCU at the time, I decided to jump in feet first to the Formal Recruitment process my Freshman year and see why being a part of a sorority was so amazing. I am the youngest girl of four siblings and after their freshmen years, my two older sisters could not stop bragging about their new sisters. Growing up with two sisters of my own, it was no surprise that having Alpha Chi sisters here at TCU would make my collegiate experience so much better. For me, I always dreamt of the moment when I would receive my little. Bid Day, flower headband strapped on my head with a neon AXO sign in hand, I waited patiently for the arrival of the girl who would hopefully become my future little. That day was one of the most fun days in my collegiate experience so far and definitely one of my favorite AXO memories. Alpha Chi Omega has allowed me to be part of a sisterhood that is full of amazing, hilarious and sweet individuals that I am blessed to call my sisters. My relationship with Alpha Chi is not limited to my four years at TCU, it is a sisterhood I will be apart of for the rest of my life.

Felicia Garza, Sophomore


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