Kacey Williamson – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

ImageWhen I decided to become a Horned Frog, I made the big “leap” from California to Texas.  I had to completely ditch my comfort zone, leaving my friends, family, and home of eighteen years for a school several states away.  Here at TCU, I was supposed to find new friends and essentially establish a new home.  However, I viewed establishing a home away from home as something had to do, something that was all up to me.  I had to meet the right people and join the right clubs and do the right things.  I didn’t realize that an individual doesn’t make her home—the people she shares it with do.  Being in Alpha Chi Omega allowed me to find the support system I needed as an out-of-state college student.  Because I have my Alpha Chi sisters, I know I will always have someone to check on me when I’m stressed or sick, give me advice about school (and boys), drive me to Target or the airport, or just hang out with me when I want to watch chick flicks and eat ice cream.  Through Alpha Chi, I’ve been blessed enough to have already found some of my dearest friends at TCU, and I’m always forming more friendships as I meet more of the wonderful women in our chapter.  I love the many opportunities for involvement, leadership and service Alpha Chi offers me, but what makes those things so special is the people I do them with: my sisters.  I’m an Alpha Chi because it’s this group of women who helped me make a home away from home.  I can’t thank God enough for guiding me here to my Alpha Chi sisters!

Kacey Williamson, Freshman


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