Tosca Scholfield-Johnson – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

ImageAfter I was accepted to TCU, I was very unsure about joining a sorority. The only thing I even knew about sororities was what I had seen in movies since no one in my family was Greek.  I decided to give it a try and before I knew it was Day 1 of recruitment and I was standing outside of my first house: Alpha Chi Omega.  Immediately, Alpha Chi stood out to me.  All of the girls I talked to were so down to earth and friendly that I instantly felt at home. Ever since, I have been reminded of how proud I am of the choice I made to join this chapter.  While many only see the surfaces of sororities, Alpha Chi has shown me the true meaning of sisterhood.  Without Alpha Chi, I would have never met my best friends and roommates, survived living in Brachman my freshman year, or bonded with the girl I am proud to call my little.  To me, Alpha Chi Omega is more than a mixer on a Friday night, it is the moments of uncontrollable laughter, the proud feeling of knowing you’re part of an organization that has helped thousands, and the security of knowing you will always have a someone who is there for you.   I am an Alpha Chi because of these memories I will never forget and the friendships that will last a lifetime.

Tosca Scholfield-Johnson, Sophomore


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