I don’t know about y’all, but this beautiful weather has me missing Spring Break! We all know that it can be a difficult transition from hitting the beach every day, back to hitting the books every day. So here are some pictures from Spring Break to get you through Thursday! This Spring Break, Iota Lambda Alpha Chi’s travelled to Gulf Shores, Florida, Hawaii, The Cayman Islands, Lake Tahoe, Cabo San Lucas, Colorado, Southern California, The Bahamas, and Arizona just to name a few places.

And a special shout-out to our sisters Elise Path, Alyson Sommerfelt, and Katherine Pfeiffer for going on alternative Spring Breaks in Panama. Elise and Alyson went on a medical mission trip through an organization called GMT (Global Medical Training), which TCU brought to campus just this spring. In Panama they discussed major diseases present in the area, experienced multiple clinic days at various locations, and even got to visit the Panama Canal. Katherine, along with seventeen other TCU students, went with TCU Global Academy to study sustainability in Panama. Her focus was aimed at mangrove destruction and flooding issues that the area is experiencing. Also along the trip her group met with representatives from the UN, had dinner with the provost and TCU alumnae from Panama, and met with environmental attorneys.

Sounds like everyone had an amazing time while they were away from school! We are glad that everyone had a safe and relaxing Spring Break, way to represent Alpha Chi everywhere you went!



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