Christina Bowman – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

1621917_10203399625536704_1048317079_nAlthough Recruitment was both tiring and intense, it led me to Alpha Chi Omega and a group of sisters that are always there for me. Right away Alpha Chi gave me the opportunity to feel apart of a group and have support as a freshman finding my way through a large, new school and environment. After Lyre Week, getting my big was one of the most exciting and fun experiences I’ve had through Alpha Chi. She is always there to talk, listen, and laugh, and I am beyond grateful for the relationship we have formed. This spring, my roommate went through spring recruitment and when she chose Alpha Chi, I was beyond excited to have my best friend become a part of our chapter and become another one of my sisters. This only reinforced that I am in the right sorority, surrounded by great people and best friends who will always have my back, even as time goes on. I can’t wait for the many more experiences I will be able to share with these girls, and the memories we will make. Through the next three years, I know I will grow and evolve into a stronger person due to what Alpha Chi stands for, the opportunities the sorority will offer me, and the girls who will be there, surrounding and supporting me.

Christina Bowman, Freshman


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