Erin Ford – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

73047_10151347592566098_126244357_nChange is always hard; you don’t know whether to be excited about your unknown future, or sad about what you are leaving behind. College is one of those changes that we all have to endure, but becoming an Alpha Chi, and belonging to Alpha Chi, made that so much easier. As a new member on bid day, I immediately had a connection with my Big. She helped me pave my way to meet all of my new sisters and made me feel so at home. This is something that I’ve found consistently with every member of our chapter; it doesn’t matter how often you see a sister, how involved another sister is, or if you run around with the same friends as a sister, each member always greets you with a smile, a wave, or a comforting hug. Within Alpha Chi, there is always someone working hard to improve something or coming up with new ideas, even if they don’t always work out. I can’t help but be so proud to belong to a sorority that refuses to be idle, but instead to be constantly fighting for change, even in the face of uncertainty and opposing forces. I am an Alpha Chi because whether I am at meeting, around campus, or out and about in Fort Worth, I am constantly amazed by how inspiring and courageous my sisters are, and it always brings a smile to my face.

Erin Ford, Junior


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