Allie Roberts – Why I’m an Alpha Chi

ImageWhen I decided to come to TCU, I was certain I made the right choice about where to attend school; however, I was uncertain of whether or not to go through formal recruitment. Having little initial knowledge of what Greek life meant, I eventually convinced myself to give it a try thinking it would give me an opportunity to meet new people. What I didn’t realize was that I would become apart of an organization that would support me through all of my life decisions and provide me with lifelong friends that would become more like family. My Alpha Chi family has provided me with guidance and reassurance from my big and grand big and has also given me the opportunity to pass that along to my own little. Aside from my family, the friendships I have made in this chapter have been the strongest and most loyal friendships I have ever had. The women in this chapter have pushed me to become a better person every day and seeing all of their success makes me want to leave a legacy, just as so many before me have done. Although it took me longer than others to branch out and meet many of my sisters, I am so proud to be able to call them just that, sisters. It is not only our amazing bond of sisterhood that I am proud of, it is our leadership ability, our philanthropy, our diversity, and our ability to make anyone feel welcome that comes through those doors the first day of recruitment.

Allie Roberts, Sophomore


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