Ashley Madonna – Why I’m an AlphaChi

I always knew I was going to end up in a sorority. Even before I fully understood what a sorority was. My mom is a proud alum of the Omega chapter of Alpha Phi at the University of Texas chapter so I thought I knew all that a sorority entailed. I could not have been more wrong.

My Alpha Chi experience started on August 12, 2012. It was move-in day of my freshman year and the night before our recruitment orientation. I was bonding with my new roommate and all of a sudden a knock came at the door. When I opened it, this girl with a huge smile engraved in her face was standing before me. She told Natalie, my roommate, and me that she was going door to door introducing herself to all of her dorm neighbors. She came in our room and awkwardly sat down on our newly purchased target brand futon. We talked for sometime before she asked if we were going through formal recruitment, which both of us were. She said she was too and we were all excited to start the process.

The next day, when we were split into our recruitment groups, I saw that same girl from the night before sitting next to a Rho Gamma holding a poster with a decorated 9 on it. I suddenly felt a sense of relief come across my body, but I also did not want to come across as clingy so I went to sit next to this new friend but kept the conversation casual.

Throughout the week, I kept on seeing this same girl at all of the houses I was going ashleyto. We also had many breaks together so we would sit in the fraternity houses and talk about how we thought the process was going. Soon enough, we realized we had the same last five houses left and we both admitted to each other that we wanted Alpha Chi.

A short two days later, it was Bid Day. I nervously prepared myself for the big day and then I heard another knock at the door: It was my hopefully new sister with her roommate who were coming to get us to walk to the BLUU together. We snapped a quick picture in our white tshirts and made our way to meet our fate. I sat right next to my new friend and held her hand tight as we collected our bid cards from our Rho Gammas. I only had two thoughts going through my head as I was sitting on my bid: I hoped and prayed the card said Alpha Chi Omega and I hoped and prayed I was holding the hand of one of my pledge sisters.

Finally, it was time for the countdown. I could feel adrenaline rushing through my fingers as they were anticipating the grip of the white envelope. I got to my card first which read Iota Lambda chapter of Alpha Chi Omega in fine calligraphy. Before I could react, I peaked over to look into my neighbor’s hands and saw she had the same red and green trim on her card. All of a sudden, the both of us were up in the air, hugging like we had known each other for our entire lives. I officially had one sorority sister that I loved. We have been best friends ever since.

Who knew Alpha Chi Omega would not only bring me one amazing sister but also hundreds more that were each as beautiful and as unique. I am honored every day I wear my letters because I know that I don’t only represent myself, but all of those other girls that make Alpha Chi Omega what it truly is. So you ask, “Why Am I an Alpha Chi?” Well it is because I have a sisterhood that no one can ever take away from me. It is because I have stories of laughter, cheer, and heartbreak throughout my college experience and Alpha Chi has been there for me every step of the way. Because it is my family and because it is my home.


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