Madison Rightley – Why I’m an AlphaChi

Why I’m an Alpha ChiThere are many reasons to be a part of this empowering organization, but there is one that means the most to me. As a dancer for Universal Dance Association, I have the opportunity to travel the country and teach high school dance teams. Through this journey, I have met incredible women and men with a great passion for helping others. This week, I have been in Arizona for staff training and I ran into another staff member wearing an AXO shirt. Without hesitation, we hugged, exchanged the grip, and became instant friends. We spoke about ouIMG_7529-3r chapters’ differences and similarities and I learned a lot about her university. We shared a common passion for women’s rights and domestic violence awareness and we spoke about what it means to us to physically help people in need. She helped prove to me that there are Alpha Chis everywhere and that we truly have an unbreakable bond, no matter what school you go to nor what state you are from. Iam an Alpha Chi because I know that wherever I go, I will have sisters around. I know that they will become instant friends and we will share a bond that will last a lifetime.


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