Oh the Places You’ll Go! | AXΩ Summer Travels: Spain

Summer is finally in full-swing! One thing that definitely comes to mind when I think of summer is travelling. Let’s be honest, there really is nothing much better than stumbling upon a quaint coffee shop, wandering around an exciting city, taking in all the scenery, and learning about other cultures. Like J.R.R.Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.” So whether you are wandering alone, with a group of AXΩ’s, or your family and friends, we love to hear about adventures abroad!

This Summer some of our sisters have spent time in Australia, Peru, Norway, and Africa, just to name a few places! This week’s blog features incoming Senior Sarah Perez from Austin, TX who is spending her summer working an internship in Barcelona, Spain.


Sarah wanted both to travel aboard and have an internship under her belt, so she decided on going with an Intern Program through IES. On top of having an internship and traveling, Sarah is taking Spanish classes daily. She knew absolutely no one going into the program, but through the Intern Program she has met a few Alpha Chi’s from other schools. Right out her front door is a picturesque plaza complete with a cafe and small playground. One of Sarah’s favorite parts about Barcelona is that it is a city mixed with beaches, modern markets and restaurants like las ramblas and la boqueria, along with ancient and beautiful architecture such as the Catedral, Montjuic, and Sagrada Familia.

|A Day in the Life of Sarah|

A typical day for Sarah starts early in the morning when she takes a 40 minute ride on the metro in order to get to her job. Her job is in a complete different area of the city compared to where she lives; she can even see the beach from her desk! Sarah stays at work until 1p.m. and then heads to Spanish class, after class she goes back home to relax , make dinner, and explore the city.

|Q & A|

What is your favorite memory from your time abroad?

“My favorite memory from my time abroad was simply having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that you would never know while staying in our “TCU bubble” and also having the amazing opportunity to see some pretty cool places. I’ve never been to Europe, so being able to travel on weekends and see new things has been absolute joy to experience.”

What do you miss most about home?

“Right now I really miss queso and tex-mex in general!”

What is an important lesson your learned from living abroad?

“An important lesson I learned while abroad is to just go with whatever is happening. Don’t try and plan out every minute of every day. Relax, meet new people, go with the flow of things, and have a good time. Immerse yourself in the city, learn the language, and wander the city that will quickly become your home.”

Any advice for other girls traveling abroad this summer?

“Be safe, don’t be the typical American girl, and just have fun. Don’t get caught up in being everywhere and doing everything, enjoy the city you’re in and embrace your time there, it doesn’t last forever.”


Thanks for sharing your journey with us Sarah! Sounds like you are having an awesome time and you gave some great advice. Can’t wait to have you back in America though 🙂 Happy travels!






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