Maddy Haly – Why I’m An Alpha Chi

Growing up in a family of three brothers, I always wished for a sister. Also, being from California, I hoped to have a family and home away from home. Alpha Chi Omega has made my wish become a reality with not just one but over 200 sisters and a family away from home that welcomed me with open arms from the beginning. Alpha Chi has significantly enhanced my collegiate experience in many ways. I am an Alpha Chi because my big, Maddy. From the moment I met her she took me under her wing and showed me the ropes of being a good sist10418166_812850012088677_6067413915919946114_ner and a friend. I can count always count on her regardless of the time of day and have no doubt we will be good friends for a lifetime. Two Maddy’s is definitely better than one. I’m an Alpha Chi because my friend Nicole. Even though she is two years older, she has been like an older sister to me. My freshman year wouldn’t have been the same without her constant guidance. I am also an Alpha Chi because of my family who regardless of their grade was always looking out for my best interest and guided me throughout freshman year. I am an Alpha Chi because of my future roommates, Madison, Tierney and Alex. From late night frozen yogurt runs, movie nights, and laughing till our stomach hurts, I can’t wait to live with all Alpha Chis next year. I am most importantly an Alpha Chi because of the real, strong women that surround me. I am proud of what we stand for as a chapter and to be a part of a well-rounded organization where everyone strives to excel in everything that we do from being passionate about our philanthropy, to exceling in academics, and intramurals. This summer, I have worn my letters with pride and am counting down the days until I am reunited with all of my sisters for recruitment!


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