Happy 238th Birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July from the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega! I hope your day is filled with barbecues, family & friends, fireworks, and a bunch of red, white, and blue!

As we celebrate one of the best holidays around, I would like to take some time to recognize our military and the sacrifices they have made in order to keep America free! There are a handful of girls in the Iota Lambda Chapter that have family and friends in the military and we just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to our loved ones who serve!

Rising Senior Julia Sebesta and rising Junior Anna Schuster both having family members currently serving our country. Julia’s brother James is in the Marine Corps and her Grandpa is retired Marine Corps. Her brother has been serving for two years now and is stationed in Pensacola, FL where he is enrolled in flight school. Her Grandpa served around 30 years, including time during the Vietnam War. Lucky for Julia, today she will be going to Austin, TX to celebrate the 4th and gets to see both her brother and Grandpa! When asked if she had any memories about being around military life Julia said, “I wasn’t born yet when my grampa served, and my brother is still very new and doing a lot of training. But I do remember growing up always looking at and playing with my grampa’s memorabilia from the Vietnam War, my brother and sister and I used to dress up in his clothes.” Sounds like her brother has a bright future ahead of him, and a wonderful military legacy to follow!

For Anna, you could say that military life runs in the family. Her brother, Zach is in the Navy and currently on his second deployment off the coast of Syria, in the Mediterranean. He is stationed out of Jacksonville, FL and is expected to return home sometime before this Christmas and before his son’s second birthday! Anna’s sister-in-law, Zach’s wife, served in the Navy for a couple of years and Anna’s brother-in-law, Ben, served in the Army. Ben was a member of the last platoon to come home from Iraq in 2011. Now Ben is working out of Colorado so that he can spend more time with his twin daughters and wife. Both of Anna’s Grandpa’s were in the Military as well, one in the Navy and one in the Air Force. This 4th of July Anna is spending time with her family at home in Colorado. When asked what she thought about so much of her family being involved in the Military Anna said, “At first when my brother Zach told me he was joining the Navy I was really upset because I had seen what my brother-in-law went through with the Army. But now after experiencing both a send-off and a homecoming for my brother’s ship, I have a whole new attitude of respect and honor for him and all military. It gives a whole new meaning to patriotism when you witness something like that. It’s not easy leaving behind his little boy and wife, but someone has do defend our country; and for that I am very proud!”

Thank you so much Julia and Anna for sharing your stories with us! We are thankful for your family’s service and know that we wouldn’t live in the best country in the world it if weren’t for them! Happy 4th of July everyone, have a safe and happy holiday! Don’t forget to tell your loved ones, both military and civilian that you love them 🙂



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