2013-2014 Philanthropy Recap

Alpha Chi’s have a passion for our national philanthropy of Domestic Violence Awareness.  The Iota Lambda chapter is lucky enough to have a very special relationship with the Women’s Center of Tarrant County, only ten minutes from the TCU campus.  Our members have the opportunity to work onsite at the Women’s Center throughout the year, and our annual Fashion Show during Mom’s Weekend allows us to donate thousands of fundraised-dollars to improve the lives of women, men, and children who are affected by domestic violence in Tarrant county and throughout the state of Texas.  Nadia DiStefano, the Director of Public Relations for the Women’s Center and recently initiated Alpha Chi Omega member, gave us an update of what’s going on this summer at the Women’s Center.

This summer the Women’s center is continuing to serve those in need but additionally, they are preparing for their fall event. “Monster Mash, our gala style event at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, will be “Dia de los Muertos” themed this year and we are currently selling tables while working to gather big ticket auction items!”  Despite preparing for this huge event, the Women’s Center recently kicked off a new program.  “The Play it Safe!™ business has been launched and we are selling movies and scripts around the state to allow more children education on how to stay safe.”  One of our chapter members, Sierra Albertson, is volunteering her time this summer to help the Women’s Center organize their history.  Nadia said this project “is vital to be able to tell our story more completely to the community and we are thrilled to finally be tackling this huge project!”  Thank you, Sierra!

One of the most rewarding aspects of our relationship to the Women’s Center is being able to raise money throughout the year to donate in February at our Fashion Show.  This year, Iota Lambda raised over $47,000 for the Women’s Center of Tarrant County.  This money went “directly to the Rape Crisis and Victim Services program. These funds help women, men and children who have suffered trauma in their lives get the help they deserve. Alpha Chi Omega has had a hand in one-on-one and group counseling, 24-hour crisis hotline, the Play it Safe!™ prevention program, and case management services.”  According to Nadia, these programs serve over 90,000 people per year, so it is clear to see the impact our chapter can and is making on the community.

As mentioned, Nadia was initiated into the Alpha Chi Omega sisterhood this past spring.  When asked about this experience, Nadia said “being initiated was a true honor!  I am always telling our supporters, board members and donors that we could not run our programs without the Alpha Chi Omega ladies.”  The women of Iota Lambda would all agree that Nadia has been a vital component of our partnership with the Women’s Center, and we are thrilled to call her a sister.

As the time to return to TCU approaches, the women of Iota Lambda are excited to jump back into volunteer work with the Women’s Center.  When questioned about how Alpha Chi can best help the Women’s Center come fall, Nadia answered “they can continue to support our programs with diaper and wish list drives, as well as participating in the Victory Over Violence 1K/5K Walk/Run.”  The Victory over Violence walk is a highlight of our chapter’s year, as our members form teams and run or volunteer to hand out water to participants.  In addition, “advocacy is also a big deal- always telling people about The Women’s Center is something that Alpha Chi ladies can do year round that really is appreciated!”  The Iota Lambda ladies are looking forward to Panhellenic Recruitment in August where they will have the chance to share their philanthropy work with hundreds of TCU women.  “It is inspiring to see a group of smart, talented and caring women work so hard for the betterment of the community,” Nadia said of the TCU Alpha Chi Omega women. The Iota Lambda women enjoy their work with the Women’s Center very much and look forward to another life-changing year of service.


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