Kathryn McKirahan- Why I’m an Alpha Chi

Putting my Alpha Chi Omega experience into words is absurdly difficult, and almost nearly impossible. Because when you’re sitting in a room filled with dozens of noisy girls at 7 am for the fifth day in a row (obviously recruitment), the last thing most people would be feeling is joy. But that’s what it means to be in this amazing chapter. Each and every day, I am surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring women I have ever met. These women are my dearest friends who not only accept me for who I am, but challenge me on a daily basis. Even after three years with my Iota Lambda chapter, I am still awestruck by the incredible qualities that all of these women possess. I am an Alpha Chi because of my family and although I might be a little biased, mine is the best. They are hilarious and crazy, but also so brilliant and driven. My most memorable college experiences thus far all include several of them. My sisters are the first ones to come to my side for Gossip Girl marathons while I sit in my couch in my cat pajamas after a tough day. They are the ones I sit and struggle to hold back laughter with in the quiet section of the library during study hours. They are my dinner dates and brunch buddies. I can’t imagine my college experience without the love, encouragement and laughter of these real strong women. I have been truly blessed by this chapter and I am so thankful for Alpha Chi Omega.


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