AXΩ Convention in Palm Springs

Two weeks ago, I had the absolute honor and privilege of representing TCU Alpha Chi Omega at our national convention in Palm Springs, California. Sure, the weather and the amazing resort caught my attention first; but it was the celebration of our sisterhood that made the trip so incredibly worthwhile.

The past year, I have served as a Student Trustee on the national Board of Trustees for the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. A lot of women, in my chapter and others, have asked me what this really means. There are only 3 other trustees besides myself, and together we work to engage collegiate chapters and their executive teams to incorporate the Foundation to their charitable giving, we increase participation in the Scarlet Ribbon Club (our collegiate giving society) and we attend Board meetings monthly over the phone and in our headquarters. Our For Now, For Ever Campaign is about to wrap this week, and through the work of all the Trustees, we raised over 10.25 MILLION dollars!! That is more than any other sorority…Ever. So needless to say, being a Trustee has been pretty rewarding and has resulted in some pretty awesome connections and opportunities, and of all my Alpha Chi Omega activities, this has by far been the most rewarding and fulfilling role to serve on a National level.

And on top of that, our TCU chapter is the ONLY chapter represented with cumulative giving to the Foundation over $125,000. We are REPRESENTIN’!

So you could say attending convention, representing TCU, and rediscovering how powerful this sisterhood is was kind of mind-blowingly awesome. I have renewed love for Alpha Chi Omega and all of its members, as well as in our leadership and our continued service to our members, alumnae and the fight against Domestic Violence.

Below are photos from the trip…from left to right, our TCU girls present, me with National President Diane Blackwelder, me with past Foundation Board Chair (and future National Vice President) Mary Baker, and me with AXΩ Trista Sutter, the first Bachelorette!

1525155_10152397210317530_3339241146733988217_n IMG_9288 IMG_9287 IMG_9236


I’m forever thankful for the real, strong women in my life and the many amazing memories from Alpha Chi!


Megan Sjulin



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