Alyse Cicio – “Why I’m an Alpha Chi”

DSCN3716As recruitment approached I had no idea what to expect. When I went to each house I was amazed at all the girls packed into the house cheering and clapping at me, calling out my name. I couldn’t help but think- what have I gotten myself into? Having played soccer for 13 years and growing up with 2 brothers, I was a bit of a tomboy. I wasn’t girly and I definitely didn’t see myself as “peppy.” I am an Alpha Chi because that was the house where I felt comfortable to be myself. I’m an Alpha Chi because this was the house that I knew the girls sincerely wanted to get to know me, that embraced everything that made me unique. As exciting as coming to TCU was, I was also very nervous. I had grown up with a close group of friends and we had all decided to go to different schools throughout the country. It was hard for me to leave them, to not have them there to experience college with me. When I left home, I left a small group of friends, but joining Alpha Chi I have gained over 200. Many of these girls have impacted and changed my life in many significant ways. They inspire me everyday to be my best self; they inspire me to make a difference. Not only was I leaving my friends, but I was also leaving my family. My family at home is my rock. They support me, challenge me, love me incessantly, and bring so much joy and meaning to my life. When I joined Alpha Chi I was blessed with a second family. I am an Alpha Chi because of my sorority family. These hilarious, smart, talented, and beautiful group of girls have made my experience in this sorority even more meaningful. I am beyond grateful for each of them. Having the honor to be an Alpha Chi at TCU has made my college experience remarkable. Finally, I am an Alpha Chi because of the memories and experiences, because of the continuous laughter, because our service to the Women’s Center, because of the real strong women I am surrounded with and the lifelong friendships I have made. I truly was blessed with the best.


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