Keep Calm and Enjoy Recruitment

There are only 11 days until Panhellenic recruitment starts at TCU and we couldn’t be more excited here at AXO! We’ll be hard at work the next few weeks to ensure we present the best possible recruitment experience to all of those walking through our doors. Can’t wait to see y’all back in our chapter room! LITB.

Sorority recruitment can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience, but keeping a positive attitude and following these tips from our chapter can help you reduce your stress and make the most out of this exciting week!

1. Be yourself

Sororities are trying to get to know you to see if you would fit well in their chapter. Being something you aren’t won’t help anyone! Show your personality, talk about your interests, ask questions regarding what you’re looking for in a sorority, and be open and honest.

2. Don’t talk negatively of any houses

On breaks or during lunch, conversation may turn to the houses you went to that day or earlier in the week. That is completely normal, but try to keep it positive and never speak negatively of a house! Someone you’re speaking to, or someone that happens to overhear, might love that house because it is a great fit for them, even if it wasn’t for you.

3. Make new friends

Recruitment is the perfect time to meet people, which will make the transition into college so much easier! Make friends with the girls in line with you or during breaks. You might end up meeting a future sister, or your new friend might live down the hall. You might even have someone to sit with on the first day of class. There is no downside to more friends.

4. Keep an open mind

Although you will have to cut houses throughout the week, keep an open mind about all the chapters on campus. The impression you get one day might completely change by the end of the week. Keep your thoughts open to seeing the positive in each chapter.

5. Take notes

During the first round of recruitment, you will visit all 12 Panhellenic chapters at TCU. I don’t know about you, but 12 chapters are hard to keep track of when all the songs, conversations, colors, and Greek names start getting jumbled in your mind! Your Rho Gamma’s will tell you to take notes, and listen to them! After each house, jot down the girls’ name you talked to or a good conversation you had. Or maybe what stood out to you about their philanthropy or tradition. This will help you when you’re exhausted and brain-dead trying to make decisions about the chapters.

6. Get LOTS of sleep

This sounds obvious, but seriously you will need the energy each day. After having just moved into your dorm, there are many possible distractions. You may think it’s worth staying up to be social with people on your hall, but you’ll most likely regret it the next day when you’re repressing yawns. So get a good night’s sleep each night!

7. Don’t compare yourself

It is easy to compare yourself to other PNMs: what they’re wearing, where they’re from, what they accomplished in high school, if they’re a legacy, the connections they have, etc. But throughout the week, remember the unique and positive qualities you possess. Recruitment is about finding a chapter you fit well in, not about girl’s being “better” than others. Again, focus on the positive!

8. Remember the ultimate goal in mind

If you get tired or emotionally exhausted, remind yourself why you’re going through recruitment in the first place. It’s different for everyone but it might be something like you’re looking for a tight-knit group of friends that share a sisterhood, or you’re looking for ways to serve the community. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to be social or have leadership opportunities. No matter the reason, just remember that Bid Day will make it all worth it.

9. Don’t be nervous

You will probably be nervous many times throughout recruitment, but a comfort should be that every girl you talk to at each house has been exactly where you are. Her job now is to get to know you and to show off why her chapter is great, so she’s probably nervous too!

 10. Have fun!

Recruitment is an opportunity to meet new friends, learn about Greek life and TCU, and maybe even to learn about yourself. Let yourself have a fun time! You will have some hilarious conversations, enjoy funny skits, find common interests, and get to meet awesome women. Yes it’s exhausting and it’s hot, but it will all be worth it!


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