Pretty Little Lyres | Part I

Now that the first few weeks of school are behind us, we want to take a moment to introduce PC ’14! This is the first installment of introductions for our new pledge class. We asked for them to share a few words on why they chose Alpha Chi, or a fun story from recruitment. Enjoy getting to know our new members, we sure have! LITB.


Tori Miller

Hometown: Houston, Texas.

I chose Alpha Chi because of the genuineness of the ladies I talked to each day, the home-like feeling I felt when I walked into the house, and the passion for philanthropy and sisterhood that I saw throughout recruitment week.IMG_4392_2



Lynsey Malin

Hometown: Holmen, Wisconsin

I chose Alpha Chi because of all of the genuine, hilarious girls I met! I connected with all of them, and just felt at home!1095039_10151804812455250_248932203_n-1


Kelly Simons

Hometown: Denver, CO
I chose Alpha Chi because of my conversation with Chelsea Knepley! It was so easy to talk to her and I knew then that Alpha Chi was my home away from home! Shout out to her for being the best!kelly
Meg Cooksey
Hometown: Durango, CO
Like most girls, I was not up for walking all over the Greek in wedges on Day 3. To solve this little dilemma, I wore my Birkenstocks between rounds and carried around my wedges. After lunch, I lined up outside of Alpha Chi, all excited and what not, looked down, and realized I was still wearing my Birks and had (of course) misplaced my wedges. Just to keep the day interesting for everyone, I wore my Birks to every house and was a prime example of how everyone dresses out West in Colorado.52140024
Catie Cruikshank
Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota
I chose Alpha Chi primarily because it felt very at home. During recruitment, I never felt like I was being pressured or had to act a certain way. It really seemed like a place where I could be myself and grow as a person. I am so excited to see where my journey as an Alpha Chi takes me!prof pic

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