Rusty Lyres Know Best: 17 Tips for Underclassmen

Dear underclassmen,

I often find myself just wanting to “make it through the week” in order to get to the weekend or game day faster. But looking at the big picture now, it freaks me out a bit! My big is graduating in May, and I will be right behind her a year later. My little is already a big, and before we know it, she will be dressed in that purple cap and gown too. When the panic sets in of being more than half-way done with college, the words “for life, not just four years” flash across my mind.
Even though college only lasts four years, which fly by quicker than a blink of an eye, the fact that Alpha Chi will be there to support me when I get my first job out of college, when I get married, or when I buy my first home, make it all that more special. Yes, some do say that these are the best four years of your life, but isn’t it beyond comforting knowing that your sisters and the bond of Alpha Chi will always be there to hold your hand, even after graduation?tumblr_nbnilyqVc31tbbupao1_500
That being said, I gathered some advice (some funny, some serious) from upperclassmen who want to make sure that underclassmen really take advantage of the next few years of their lives being Alpha Chi’s at TCU. These next four years are what you make it ladies! Enjoy.

1. Participate in other Greek philanthropy events, you’ll get to know a lot more about some amazing people and organizations.
2. Look to your older sisters for academic, housing, career, social, or boy advice. They were in your same position not long ago.
3. You’re always going to be busy, tired, stressed, whatever. But don’t let any of those things get in the way of being happy and enjoying your time spent at TCU.
4. Going with one of your sisters to a formal is not the end of the world.
5. You might actually miss recruitment and work week one day…live it up!
6. There isn’t anything much better than game days in Fort Worth. Go to every football game, home or away!
7. The freshman 15 is real…but hey, if you’re a freshman it’s acceptable, right?! Just kidding, make sure you spend some time in the gym.
8. Tell your teachers, the BLUU staff, and any other TCU employees “thank you.” Without them TCU wouldn’t be so great.
9. Grab another sister or friend and get involved outside of the Greek community.
10. Find a good balance between fun, school, and taking care of yourself. It’s ok to go out and be tired the next day, but also always be prepared for class.
11. Don’t forget to call your mom and dad, they miss you!
12. Travel around Fort Worth because there’s tons of cool stuff to do here. Also, take weekend trips to other cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston!
13. When in doubt, order Toppers…pizza is always the answer to your problems.
14. Study abroad, it will change your life!
15. Never hesitate to storm the court or rush the field because a second chance might not come around. One of my biggest regrets was not storming the court when TCU basketball beat KU, but luckily I got another chance this football season! Go Frogs!
16. GPAs are important, but don’t let them be the only thing that you care about.
17. Take a moment to stop what you’re doing and a look around; be thankful that you get to go to a beautiful school like TCU. The moments you have right now, will one day turn into memories that you will be laughing at and talking about for years to come!

There you have it underclassmen, hope y’all enjoyed the advice from upperclassmen! LITB.



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