Guest Blogger | Maggie McDonagh: Sleep When You Graduate!

College is hard. That’s an understatement. “Stressed” is more of a lifestyle than an emotion. Same with “tired”. We’re all stressed and tired pretty much all the time, I get it. You don’t have to tell this double major, double minor, pre-law student about stress. All college kids have hard majors, hard classes, hard professors. Most of us are overinvolved, overcommitted, and overscheduled. Our lives aren’t going to slow down any time soon. In fact, with graduation and “the real world” being only a few short years away, I would argue the opposite. Still, there is no reason to let the college experience slip away because we have our noses buried too far in our books.

1175264_4863721850164_6539652_nHere’s the harsh reality: Life is not going to get any easier. Whether or not we like to think about it, before we know it we will be entering the time of “lasts” at TCU and staring at the mirror dressed in our purple cap and gown wondering where the time went. We might move away from Fort Worth, come home from our 9-5 jobs and have to worry about bills, insurance, rent, other scary real world stuff, etc. We’ll look back and wish we could dress up crazy and go to just one more AXO mixer. We’ll watch the football games from our couches and give anything to be back in the student section standing with boot-blistered feet one more time. When we look back at our time as Alpha Chi’s at TCU, it’s these things we’re going to remember. It’s the mixers, football games, formals, watermelon bashes, movie nights in the commons, trips to the pumpkin patch, craft sessions, Billy Bob’s adventures, and flag football games that we will remember, not the nights we stayed in and studied. We’re not going to look back and wish we could spend one more night at the library (#clublib) or wish we had been less involved.

10644502_10203539435501418_7610230116428540420_oHere’s my solution: Do it all. Go to as many events as you can—Alpha Chi events, fraternity events, sporting events, TCU events, anything—even if it means staying up late studying another night that week. Even if it means you’ll be tired in the morning. Even if it means adding stress to your life. It might take a little extra planning and will definitely mean a little less sleep, but I promise you it’s worth it. I’m not advocating for less studying or a disregard for grades (after all the main reason we’re here is to go to school, right, Mom?) I’m simply saying we are so dang lucky to go to TCU, and we only have 4 short years here. It’s my goal to fill the time I have left with as much as I possibly can—while still working hard in my classes. And I want that to be your goal too. It’s possible to do both. So the next time you think about missing out on an event, remember that college only lasts four years and memories last for life. Sleep when you graduate.

-Maggie McDonagh, PC ’13


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