Lyre Week Post 3

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Pledge Class: 2012

Being an Alpha Chi means being a part of something much, much bigger than myself. I know that sounds cheesy, but there is no greater feeling than going to the grocery store in Oklahoma and seeing someone with an Alpha Chi shirt on from a different school. The bond and friendship is immediate. Even though you come from different schools, you know your bond is greater than anything you could explain. It means having a group of girls to share college with and experience the ups and downs of my first years away from home. I have an incredible pledge class who will support me no matter where I go in life. Alpha Chi is full of truly kind-hearted women. We are different than every other sorority and I’m so grateful I was given a bid to this incredible group of women. Each of us is destined to achieve such great things. I wasn’t into the whole “sorority” thing when I was going through recruitment, and I’m still honestly not into recruitment at all and I’m not sure why people cry about it. Now I understand why girls value the idea of a sorority though. I have found amazing women who push me to be the best I can be, while respecting who I already am.

My favorite memory from initiation was the second time I was going through it as an active. It was the fall of 2013 when my littles were both being initiated. It’s super nerdy, but I love listening to our ritual. There are so many things that happen, I find something new that I love each time I hear it. All of our traditions and seemingly silly actions have a purpose that date all the way back to our founding chapter. These have lasted all this time and prove that we truly have an amazing bond with the women who came before us. Initiation is so incredible and the fact that it has stayed consistent throughout all these years proves that it’s effective and worth the time we spend on a Friday night performing it.

My advice to the new members is to get involved. Something I deeply regret from my first year as an Alpha Chi was not being involved in the sorority’s activities or skipping them because I was afraid to participate. I’m quite obviously not a typical sorority girl-my sense of fashion is sub-par and I’m not the best at attending meetings. The thing that many people don’t know about me is that I value my time as an Alpha Chi above all else on campus. It’s so unfortunate that I don’t have many best friends in my pledge class, but that’s because I wasn’t as involved with the sorority as I should have been in those first few years. I should have attended the pumpkin carving and I should have lived in the house. Immerse yourself in Alpha Chi’s rituals and traditions-allow yourself to become a part of this chapter and let it become a part of you. You’ll never get back the year you spent sending in excuses on MCR for every social event. Get involved with the chapter.


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