Lyre Week Post 4

Devon GreenleeDevin

Pledge Class: 2011

Dear new members (soon to be new initiates),

As a senior Alpha Chi, this very special Lyre Week in your honor will mark the last initiation ceremony that I, as well as my 2011 pledge class, will be a part of. Thinking of my Alpha Chi experience coming to an end here at TCU gives me an overwhelming feeling of sadness; but knowing that you are just beginning to embark on your own journey of a lifetime means the world to me and my fellow senior Alpha Chi’s. It was during my time serving as New Member Educator on a past executive board when I was able to truly appreciate the bond of Alpha Chi Omega first hand. A year and a half after my own initiation I was given the opportunity to guide 68 new members on their way to be initiated as members of Alpha Chi Omega. Many of them, just like many of you I’m sure, were wide-eyed and timid when we began our meetings together questioning what it meant to be in a sorority, what made Alpha Chi special, and a few of them even wondering if all of this was really for them. As the new member process went on, they began to open up and show me a glimpse of what spectacular women they all were with ranging talents, opinions, interests and passions. By the end of our new member period together, I began to feel a great sense of pride and honor that I was not only able to be a part of these 68 women’s lives but especially to welcome them as newly initiated members of Alpha Chi Omega when the time would come. These girls, just like yourselves, became the reason that I love Alpha Chi. Up until this point, I have witnessed first hand how new members come to lead/become the heart and soul of the chapter. This year especially I have proudly observed all of my former new members go on to act as leaders and role models in this chapter and beyond. There is no doubt in my mind that you all will do just the same as the new members that came before you. I look forward to seeing the kind of unique legacy you are all going to leave on our Iota Lambda chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. Congratulations for choosing to be a part of a bond so strong and a truly amazing sisterhood! Happy Lyre Week!


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