Senior Spotlight: Anna Schuster

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What is your full name?

Anna Mae Schuster


Strategic Communications, Business Minor


Lone Tree, CO

Do you have plans already for next year? If so what are they?

Hopefully, I will get a job somewhere in DFW or Austin (sorry Mom if you’re reading this!!) working for either a large PR/Advertising agency, a non-profit, or a sports related company…I’m keeping my options open! I’ll end up back in Colorado one day though.

Funniest Alpha Chi moment:

There are way too many to even count…but one of my more recent funny moments would probably be when I was studying abroad this past summer with Emily Castellanos (PC ’13)…We went to this really cool restaurant called Duck & Waffle on one of our last nights in London. It’s at the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in London, so it gave us a priceless view! It’s really hard to get a reservation there, but you can go past midnight without reservations and try to get a table. So we did just that, enjoyed a really good meal and what not. After dinner was over, we didn’t really think about what time the last tube (a.k.a. the subway/metro) left. So we were literally running through a huge tube station, trying to catch the last one, and of course we missed it. So I put up a Snapchat video of Emily Castellanos running around the empty tube station (which is apparently a rare sight) and I sent it to the “My London Story.” Well, the next day when I woke up the video made it on the London MyStory and it had 103,000 views and 6 screenshots…so basically Emily was a British celebrity for 24 hours…that’s our claim to fame.

What is your spirit animal?

 I’d like to think it’s a baby lion.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I would have a hard time picking between Thai food or Chipotle…Chipotle is always my go-to meal, but Thai food is my favorite comfort food!

Would you say you’re the mom of the friend group or the child?

I would say I’m more like the teenager of the friend group; somewhere in between a child and a mom… that’s what my roommates told me anyways!

If you met Ryan Gosling tomorrow what would be your pick up line?

I would be star struck, so probably nothing, or the first thing that would come to my mouth which would probably be “I love you”…it wouldn’t end well haha

Arms or legs?


Favorite Drake song:

Know Yourself, but I’m more of a Fetty Wap fan tbh

What will you miss the most next year?

I’ll miss a lot…I would stay at TCU forever if I could, but the #1 thing I will miss are game days with my sisters. There’s honestly nothing better than that!


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