Thanks, Family.

fam weekend 1

Family. They changed our diapers, blinked, then sent us off to college. Next, they watched as we made our greatest decision yet: going Alpha Chi.

I’m grateful to my family for teaching me how to love football, for passing on a diet coke addiction, and for supporting me since day one.

Here are some more things we want to thank all of the Alpha Chi parents and families for:

  • for being on the other end of our unreasonably emotional recruitment phone calls (those don’t stop after freshman year, by the way)
  • for wearing every single item of TCU apparel every time you set foot on campus. We might make fun of you for it, but we secretly love the school spirit. #gofrogs
  • for the necessary Target run every time you come to town. You’d be surprised how long we can make our last drops of shampoo last when we know we’ll be seeing you soon
  • for accepting our love of t-shirts. Yes we really do need another one.
  • For caring about our grades when we need to remember that we “came to college to learn”
  • For nodding and smiling along when we mention foreign things you don’t understand like “big” “victory” “slated” and “ring pass”.
  • For having lengthy conversations with us about TCU football. And talking us through it when we didn’t make the College Football Playoff in 2014. And no, Dad, I don’t have any classes with Trevone Boykin.

Finally, I’d like to offer a personal thank you to all of the families for sharing your daughters with me. This group of incredible, weird, hilarious, and dedicated women wouldn’t be the people they are without the families that raised them. Thank you for giving me not only my sisters, but my roomates, best friends, and future bridesmaids.

You were the first ones to form us into “Real. Strong. Women.” You were the ones who supported us attending TCU and going Alpha Chi. You’re the ones who will be there at graduation and who will be “just a phone call away” every moment until then.

Thanks, family. We love you.


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