A Big Experience

Sarah and Rissa’s Story

Although it doesn’t seem possible now, there was a time in my life when I didn’t know my big. I refer to these dark years as BB (before big). However, before I knew her, really knew her, I never could have guessed that I would end up as hers.Sarah Pluff Pic.jpg

My big is my “mom away from mom”. She takes care of me. She agrees with me when boys are being dumb (and even when they probably aren’t). She cleans my room and reminds me to eat my veggies and makes sure I do my homework. She stays on the phone with me when I walk home late at night just to make sure I don’t get kidnapped.
I really don’t know what I’m going to do when she graduates (if she’s reading this, she’s probably crying because she sure does cry a lot. I think it’s because her heart is so big and full). Alpha Chi Omega isn’t just three Greek letters and t-shirts and formals and mixers and endless chapter meetings. It’s the people and my person and all of the things that we’ve done together.

As she sat beside me during recruitment, chatting away like only she can, I thought I heard my (now) big say something about “dancing” and a “pole”. I started to worry that I was beginning to lose it. There’s no way this stranger was talking to me about something like that. I tried to focus better on what she was actually say, but lo and behold she really had said what I thought she did! As it turns out, she was talking about maypole dancing, something she had had to do in high school. To this day, she claims that she brought it up because we both went to all-girl high schools and she thought maybe I had done it too but I’m still skeptical.

Despite the rocky start, what followed turned out to be one of the best peopleships I have ever known. My big isn’t just my best friend, she’s my person.

Rebecca and Kiana’s Story

What does it mean to be a good big? What do you have to do to be a good little? There is no common set of rules that defines the relationship between big and little. In fact, the best part of being in a “big/lil” relationship is that each one is unique and built on different experiences, memories, and jokes.

So then…what makes my big so special? For starters, she deals with me, and that’s a challenge in and of itself most of the time. She took Rebecca pic.jpgme into her family of brunette, nursing majors from Texas despite the fact that I was a dirty blonde, education major from Atlanta. She knows that just from a certain look on my face, I have news. She agrees with me when boys are being dumb and she listens to me vent about my weekly “juicy life updates” (even though she probably has ten million better things to be doing). She has a love for noodles that is unparalleled by any other human and she understands what I mean when I say I am a picky eater (even though she does not approve of my love for McDonald’s chicken nuggets). She is the only person I know who loves puppies more than me. She laughs whenever I send her obnoxious chain text messages and she usually sends them back…just to humor me. She does not complain when I show up in her room unannounced or when I disrupt her deep studies in the library. No one greets me with as much excitement as she does, no matter where we are or when the last time we saw each other was. She never turns down an opportunity for pictures and she always lets me get on her back even though I could crush her.

Thank you, big, for being my person. Thank you for being my backbone when everything feels like it’s going wrong. Thank you for being the first face in Alpha Chi that I remembered. Thank you for laughing at me, and with me, despite the fact that I am the most awkward human on the planet. And thank you for sharing that awkwardness with me. I know I do not say it enough, but I am so thankful that you are my big.

Megan and Lauren’s Story

When I joined Alpha Chi Omega, I was so excited with the opportunity to have a big sis. I wanted my big to be someone to laugh with, to look up to, and someone to show me the ropes of college and freshman year. I can now say in my second semester of freshman year that I have found that with my Big. She is always there for me whether its to grabbing lunch or helping me through freshFullSizeRender.jpgman year business classes that she mastered last year. She has inspired me so much by taking on a leadership position by joining exec in our sorority. I can’t wait till I can have a little of my own and be as great to her as my big was to me.




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