President Maggie McDonagh

By Olivia Koscik

Maggie McDonagh is a large part of why I am an Alpha Chi Omega. When I met her during rush, we instantly connected and started talking about our obsessions for The Office and Saturday Night Live. There was never a dull moment or awkward silence during our conversations which is hard to find during sorority recruitment. I remember that I couldn’t wait to come back to Alpha Chi the next day because she had made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Maggie embodies all of the best qualities of Alpha Chi Omega. I decided that if every other Alpha Chi was half as great as her, I couldn’t go wrong.

Maggie is our current President and she works to positively affect every member of our chapter. Maggie loves Alpha Chi and has a deep respect for its rituals and traditions. She truly understands what it means to be an Alpha Chi Omega. When Maggie’s “incredible, ambitious, and beautiful little” was initiated she took the time to listen to the words of the ritual and comprehend what they meant to her. At this point, she fell in love with the ritual and “realized the privilege and responsibility of wearing our letters.”

One of the most important aspects of Alpha Chi Omega is sisterhood. Maggie’s time as an Alpha Chi has given her the best parts of her college experience. Most importantly it has given her the best of friends. Maggie says, these girls “are the people who challenge me to do my best and who hold me accountable for my actions.” She loves to do everything from late night Sonic runs for corn dogs to singing “Rent” in the chapter room with her sisters; “My friends are so weird that they keep me entertained no matter what we’re doing.” Alpha Chi Omega places a large emphasis on sisterhood and being a good friend. Maggie’s friends have been there for her “in all the moments, big and small.” They were there for her when she celebrated landing her dream internship and when she got homesick freshman year.

Because Maggie has had such an amazing time as an Alpha Chi, she wants to make sure to improve every chapter member’s experience. As President, she uses her strong passion for Alpha Chi to support the entire chapter. Maggie wanted “to be president to serve [her] sisters.” Alpha Chi has helped Maggie grow into the woman she is today. She uses these qualities that she has gained from her time as an Alpha Chi to support both the chapter and the executive board.

Maggie exemplifies all the best qualities of Alpha Chi Omega and represents the sorority excellently in the rest of the community. She truly embodies what an Alpha Chi Omega is, a “Real. Strong. Woman.” Our chapter is blessed to have her as our President.





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