Not Your Average Spring Break

By Olivia Koscik

While most students like to use spring break as a time to relax and catch up on sleep, a few Alpha Chis used the time off to go above and beyond. Maddy Fisher and Chelsea Berryman went to the TCU Global Medical training trip in the Dominican Republic. On the trip the girls, along with other TCU students, worked in four different clinics and helped over one thousand patients. An Alpha Chi, Ellie Marcus, traveled to Peru with the World Health Organization and medically aided those in need at a local hospital. She observed surgeries, helped birth a baby, and conducted consultations. Moreover, Ellie helped teach first aid in native communities where they did not have access to health care. Not only did Ellie participate in medical care, but she also built a kindergarten classroom out of sand, filled, plastic water bottles. Working in Peru taught Ellie “we don’t truly know our “norms” and privileges until we learn to live without them.” Another Alpha Chi, Ali Machuca, traveled to Peru for an international marketing class. Every week leading up to spring break, Ali had a class preparing for the trip where they participated in a bargaining project. The project consisted of researching and comparing a product from the U.S. and Peru and keeping a journal of the experience. These women represent what it means to be an Alpha Chi. They took their time off from school to do special and extraordinary work.

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