Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Wood

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Name: Elizabeth Wood

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Major: Nursing

Expected Graduation Date: December 2017

What are my plans after graduation:

I don’t have any definite plans yet, but I’ve thought about becoming a travel nurse for the first few years after graduation! I’d also like to go abroad to a Spanish speaking country to work in a clinic at some point.

Advice for the current new member class:

Live in the house!! I know that my experience living in the house my sophomore year will be a different experience than what the future house will provide, but I have never felt more connected to Alpha Chi than when I lived in the house! Not only is it convenient during recruitment and other events, but it’s fun!!

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life:

probably Torchy’s queso

Funniest Alpha Chi memory:

A group of Alpha Chi’s went to a TCU baseball game one night, and a nice British boy (Ned) asked if anyone wanted to race around the bases in between innings. We immediately volunteered Hailey Wilkinson and Shelly Laroche as they were the best candidates for that experience. They ended up winning the race and impressing us all.

Spirit Animal:

a sea sponge



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