Walk A Mile 2016

By Carly Boobar

Walk A Mile has been a recent addition to our philanthropy as this is just our third year. As a chapter that continually raises an impressive amount of money for the Women’s Center, we were looking toimg_4245 add a different type of event to our repertoire. Walk A Mile is important because it focuses on awareness and education for our campus rather than fundraising. We reach out to fraternities and sororities to be involved as well as invite all of campus to come join in on the fun. This event gives fraternity men an opportunity to literally walk in our shoes which is meant to represent women dealing with domestic violence. It’s a light-hearted way to talk about a difficult situation. Awareness and education is just as important as fundraising because it brings to light the pain and suffering that we can prevent.

I wanted to be involved in Walk A Mile, and our philanthropy overall, because I want less people to have an experience with domestic violence. If you ask a room full of people if they either have had a personal experience or know someone who has, a lot of them raise their hand. I would be one of those people as this past summer my mom and aunt were killed in a domestic violence dispute. I didn’t even know that it was happening in my own family. I put on Walk A Mile so less people raise their hands. I hope that for years to come Walk A Mile evolves and grows into a bigger event that touches everyone on campus.


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