PC ’16’s First Semester as an Alpha Chi

It’s a few weeks into a new semester, and I now have the time to sit down and realize that I’m here, at TCU with some experience under my belt. I’m able to reflect on my first semester as an Alpha Chi.

Let’s go all the way back to August, which feels like forever ago. Going through the recruitment process was fun, but long and exhausting, as I’m sure most of my fellow PNMs could attest. Throughout the week, I remember really enjoying myself whenever I stepped into the AXO house. After every round, the word that always came to my mind when I thought about Alpha Chi was, “genuine.”

Then, at the end of a crazy week was Bid Day. The whole day was a blur, but I remember opening my bid card in a room of hundreds of screaming girls. I ran to the AXO table to hug my new sisters and get my very first Alpha Chi shirts (if I only knew that now it feels like I have a thousand AXO shirts). We then hopped on buses with our bid day buddy, then drove to a water park for our bid day activities. What could have been the coolest bid day ever quickly turned into a torrential downpour. While it seemed for a second that Bid Day was ruined, the night ended with all of Alpha Chi eating pizza in the living room of the house. While it wasn’t the most glamorous bid day, it was just a bunch of girls hanging out in tshirts, eating pizza, and laughing, and isn’t that what sisterhood is all about?

The next few weeks were filled with new member meetings and chapter, learning about what it means to be part of the Alpha Chi Omega sisterhood.

In early September, the highly anticipated Big/Little week had finally arrived! The week was filled with baskets full of presents waiting for me at the door of my dorm room. While the thousands of tshirts were great, the best part of the week was finally being united with my big, Alison, at the end of the week! Having a big and a family within Alpha Chi just makes the transition into a sorority, and college, that much easier.

October was an eventful month for Alpha Chi. First we celebrated Dad’s weekend at the Oklahoma game, and then learned how to line dance at Billy Bob’s. It was quite entertaining to watch a bunch of grown men attempt the Boot Scootin’ Boogie. This was my dad’s first weekend with a sorority, and it was so fun to share my sisterhood with him. Months later, he still wears his dad’s weekend tshirt about every other day.

Next up in October was one of my favorite new member experiences: Pi Kapp Push! Our coaches chose a throwback theme for our performance, and gave us such great music and choreography! It was so fun to laugh at ourselves, and I think we can all agree that Pi Kapp Push brought our PC that much closer.

After fall break, we had our Victory formal with Gamma Phi Beta and Beta Theta Pi. The formal was a first for us new members, and it did not disappoint! We had a blast taking pictures with our dates and sisters, and dancing the night away at the coolest venue ever.

Then, on October 15th, we celebrated the best day ever: Alpha Chi’s birthday! We hit up a local skating rink to make fools of ourselves, and take some pretty adorable pictures. It was a great way to celebrate the sorority that has done so much for us.

To finish out October, we showed Bachelorette alum James Taylor the Alpha Chi crib. Nbd.

Then, in November, our pledge class was finally initiated into the Alpha Chi Omega sisterhood. It was a special night, and we now have the Alpha Chi bond holding us together, sisters forever.

Of course there were many other memories and events in between, and all of them are wonderful. I can speak for Pledge Class ’16 when I say that this first semester as an Alpha Chi was amazing, and made us so excited for a lifetime in the AXO sisterhood!

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