TCU Alpha Chi Omega Year-in-Review

As I am sitting here typing this, students across TCU’s campus are taking their last classes of the semester. We’re just a few finals away from another year of college under our belts! For some, this means finishing their first year of college, and for others, this means in just a few days they’ll be walking across the graduation stage to grab their diploma and head out into the real world.

With another year of college comes another year of Alpha Chi–and wow, what a year it’s been.

In August, we welcomed a new pledge class and they began their journey as members of Alpha Chi Omega. I am sure none of us will forget driving all the way to a water park to immediately be drenched in a down pour and sent home, where we ended up having a pizza party with all of our sisters.

September consisted of gift baskets and thousands of t-shirts, that can only end in the fun madness that is Big/Little reveal. The new members finally had their family in Alpha Chi.

October was an incredibly busy month for Alpha Chis! It included line dancing with our dads at Billy Bob’s for Dads’ Weekend and the new members singing and dancing and laughing together for Pi Kapp Push. After fall break, we danced the night away at our victory formal and then skated the day away for Alpha Chi’s birthday! Oh, and we met James Taylor from the Bachelor.

November was incredibly exciting as our new members were finally initiated to become life long members of Alpha Chi Omega!

December went by in the blink of an eye but our sorority turned a page with a new exec team in charge. Our last exec team was wonderful, and we knew our new exec would be exactly the same. The rest of December was full of finals dinners and studying, and before we knew it, the semester was done!

January was a more ‘relaxed’ month for  Alpha Chis, which still means that we were all involved as ever!


February was full of tons of fun events for Alpha Chi! We had a PACE event and began preparation for recruitment. We celebrated all of our sisters’ academic success for the past semester at our scholarship brunch. Then, we got crafty with our moms for Moms’ Weekend. Perhaps most importantly, February included out fashion show for the Tarrant County Women’s Center. Our sisters put in countless hours to this event, and the success showed! We were able to raise over $110,000, and I think I speak for many sisters when I say that we were extra proud to be Alpha Chis that day.

March flew by, but our sisters made sure to travel together to tons of fun vacation spots for spring break–because even a week apart is a week too long!

April included a date night at a Rangers game. Then we had a super fun sisterhood retreat at a local fun center, where we roller skated and laser tagged with our sisters! At the end of the month, we danced with all of our sisters at our Red Carnation formal.

Now it’s May, and we’ve had our final chapter meeting for the year. All that’s left is finals dinners and then before we know it, we’ll be heading home for the summer. I don’t think anyone can believe this year is already over.

For some of us, this was just our first year as Alpha Chis, but for others, this was their last year as Alpha Chi Omega active members. To our seniors: thank you for the laughs and thank you for the inspiration. Each and everyone of you made this chapter better in your own way. We are going to miss you terribly, but we can’t wait to watch you all change the world!

This year was one to remember for Alpha Chi, and we can’t imagine what next year will bring.


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