Gabby | Marketing Internship with the Pohlad Company

Gabby Carter is a junior who is spending her summer as a marketing intern for a company in Minneapolis!

  • What are you up to this summer?

I am a marketing intern at a Family ran company called the Pohlad Company.  I am in charge of running a sponsorship between Audi and a radio station called GoMN Radio. I have already brought events to concerts like Virtual Reality experience inside an Audi and I made two commercials that are already playing on the radio!


  • What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

Being allowed the opportunity to be given creative freedom to share my ideas and being able to create a network of people that support me and take the time to teach me new things in the business world.


  • What has been the most fun or exciting part of your experience?

Getting to work with some of the most prestigious car brands in the world and getting to see the ins and outs of what its like working at concerts and working in the world of radio.


  • How has this experience made you a better Alpha Chi?

I have actually met some Alpha Chi alum here at work that have took me in because we were able to share that special bond.  It made me realize that being an Alpha Chi is beyond just walking to and from school in our PACE shirts.  It is a lifetime commitment, but the rewards that come from this commitment are beyond what I could ever imagine.  Alpha Chi gave me the tools to be an effective leader in any environment I find myself in, inside and outside of school.


I couldn’t have done this without my sisters support!


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