Carly | Internship with Mary Kay

Senior Carly Boobar is interning this summer with the world-renowned company, Mary Kay.

  • What are you up to this summer?

This summer I am interning at Mary Kay in Dallas, TX. My position is in the Global Inventory Control department, which is responsible for staying on top of inventory levels for all markets throughout the world. In other words, I help make sure that each branch has enough products to fulfill orders—among other things.


  • What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

            The best part of my internship, besides all the free products, is the investment Mary Kay makes in their interns. There are about 50 interns in total and they spend a lot of time teaching us about the history and culture of Mary Kay. As an intern, you want a company to be willing to put a lot into the internship programming so that you can walk away with both the knowledge and the experience. Mary Kay has already proven itself to be a great place to work and I feel lucky to have gotten this opportunity.

  • What has been the most fun or exciting part of your experience?

This is super dorky, but the most exciting part of my experience has been the affirmation that I picked the right major for my personality and interests. I’m a supply chain major and through my internship I’ve seen the Mary Kay supply chain in action—it’s pretty amazing. I can geek out every day over the efficiencies of manufacturing and distribution while also supporting the constant evolution of these same processes towards their improvement.

  • How has this experience made you a better Alpha Chi?

One of the best connections I’m making with my Alpha Chi-self is that Mary Kay supports not only domestic violence awareness but also supports Alpha Chi Omega chapters across the country with education materials. I love that while I might be working on spreadsheets and part numbers, I’m ultimately helping Mary Kay educate men and women around the world about domestic violence and support shelters throughout America to support women and children who have experienced domestic violence.




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