Kaitlin | Internship with SAP Fieldglass

Kaitlin is sophomore interning with a software company in Chicago.

· What are you up to this summer?

I am working as an the User Assistance Development intern at SAP Fieldglass in Chicago. SAP Fieldglass is software company that helps businesses use technology to accurately report costs and manage their workforce more efficiently. My department writes documents and power points for the developers of the software that helps explain all the different changes for each release and update. Some of my projects have involved converting documents, editing documents, and using software to reorganize and manage the hundreds of files into a more condensed space.


· What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

I think the most rewarding part of my internship has been all that I have learned about the workforce and about what I would want to get from my job. I have been so lucky to already absorbed so much simply by being around my coworkers and talking to them. Hearing different stories and opinions on MBA’s and career tracks has been hugely eye opening. I’ve learned that there isn’t really a straight track for your career and many people majored in very different things than their current job relates to and its perfectly alright for that to occur. I’ve also gotten a lot of exposure to different departments and sides of the company which has shown me that its so important to try everything you can because doing that has helped me figure out things I do like and things I don’t like. Learning both has been so important for me.


· What has been the most fun or exciting part of your experience?

My internship is a part of a national program so there are 30 interns that are working with me in the same office. It’s been fascinating to get to know all these people from different colleges and states. It’s also nice because there is a wide variety of majors. On top of that we have gotten to do all sorts of networking and community bonding activities. For instance, we went to top golf, and on a cruise through the Chicago River. In two weeks, we even get to go to a Cubs game!


· How has this experience made you a better Alpha Chi?

This experience has shown me the importance of making connections with people. Most of my learning has come from talking to other people and learning how to help them. It has definitely shown me that having good friends by your side can make all the difference in the professional world.

Can’t wait to go back to school and see all my Alpha Chis!


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