The Best Part About Joining Alpha Chi First Semester

Making the transition from high school into college is a big step in life. You go from living with your parents and closest friends to living with complete strangers in unfamiliar territory. While some colleges don't have girls rush until later in the semester or even in the year, TCU rushes the week before classes... Continue Reading →


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

We just wrapped up October, and while so many exciting things happened last month, like fall break, initiation, and Halloween, the most important thing Alpha Chi Omega did last month was spend time promoting a cause we care so much about. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and like so many other chapters across the... Continue Reading →

Dear New Members…

Dear New Members, This a letter to you, from the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega. Please know that we are so unbelievably excited for you to join our chapter. We fell in love with y’all during the recruitment process and we know y’all returned the feeling. We see so many things in you ladies that... Continue Reading →

Amelia | Kaleo

The first sister we're featuring this summer is junior, Amelia Durett, who is spending her summer in Florida at the Kaleo Summer Program. Alpha Chi encourages our sisters to invest in personal development, which includes exploring many different walks of faith. What are you up to this summer? I’m spending my summer in Panama City... Continue Reading →

TCU Alpha Chi Omega Year-in-Review

As I am sitting here typing this, students across TCU's campus are taking their last classes of the semester. We're just a few finals away from another year of college under our belts! For some, this means finishing their first year of college, and for others, this means in just a few days they'll be walking... Continue Reading →

Healthy Relationships Week

Every year, along with Valentine’s Day, Alpha Chi Omega chapters across the country celebrate Healthy Relationships Week. Because AXO’s philanthropy is domestic violence awareness, AXO places great value on educating others about what a healthy relationship is. Throughout the week, members of Alpha Chi Omega posted on social media what love is to them, using... Continue Reading →

AXO Global Service Initiative

  The Alpha Chi Omega Collegiate Global Service Initiative offers a unique combination of direct service, immersion, and Alpha Chi Omega principles and values. While the sisters travel across the country, they will build and remodel areas and structures of need, experience local traditions and culture, and bond with their fellow sisters for a life changing experience.... Continue Reading →

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