Reflecting on Spring Semester

With all of its ups and downs, the spring semester is finally over, and it’s time to reflect back on all of the awesome stuff that our chapter did these past five months! Healthy Relationships Week and the 2018 Fashion Show Our chapter participated in the annual Alpha Chi Omega Healthy Relationships Week, a week... Continue Reading →


The Best Part About Joining Alpha Chi First Semester

Making the transition from high school into college is a big step in life. You go from living with your parents and closest friends to living with complete strangers in unfamiliar territory. While some colleges don't have girls rush until later in the semester or even in the year, TCU rushes the week before classes... Continue Reading →

TCU Alpha Chi Omega Year-in-Review

As I am sitting here typing this, students across TCU's campus are taking their last classes of the semester. We're just a few finals away from another year of college under our belts! For some, this means finishing their first year of college, and for others, this means in just a few days they'll be walking... Continue Reading →

Dear New Initiates

By Olivia Koscik Dear New Initiates, This past weekend you were initiated and are officially full fledged members of Alpha Chi Omega. We are so excited that you are our sisters. We have had so much fun celebrating all of you. This weekend has been jam packed with events from family dinners, dinner at Joe... Continue Reading →

Why I Love My Little

By Lydia Nokels My little, Alexa, is quite possibly the cutest person I have ever met. She has the biggest heart and is so incredibly kind, that when I first met her, I instantly knew I wanted her to be my little. She texts me before big tests to wish me luck and never says... Continue Reading →

Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Wood

Name: Elizabeth Wood Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama Major: Nursing Expected Graduation Date: December 2017 What are my plans after graduation: I don’t have any definite plans yet, but I’ve thought about becoming a travel nurse for the first few years after graduation! I’d also like to go abroad to a Spanish speaking country to work in... Continue Reading →

AXO Summer Service Trip

By Emily Padgett This past summer I was chosen along with 31 other Alpha Chi Omega members from around the U.S. to embark on a service trip with the Alpha Chi Omega Headquarters. Our service trip took place in Treasure Beach, Jamaica as well as Negril, Jamaica where we really immersed ourselves in the Jamaican... Continue Reading →

Senior Spotlight: Kristin Pfieffer

Name: Kristin Pfieffer Hometown: Houston, TX Major: Nursing Expected Graduation Date: May 2016 What are your plans after graduation? I will be working at Texas Health Resources Arlington Memorial in the neonatal intensive care unit in their nurse residency program. Why do you want to be a nurse?/ What do you love about it? I... Continue Reading →

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