TCU Alpha Chi Omega Year-in-Review

As I am sitting here typing this, students across TCU's campus are taking their last classes of the semester. We're just a few finals away from another year of college under our belts! For some, this means finishing their first year of college, and for others, this means in just a few days they'll be walking... Continue Reading →


PC ’16’s First Semester as an Alpha Chi

It’s a few weeks into a new semester, and I now have the time to sit down and realize that I’m here, at TCU with some experience under my belt. I’m able to reflect on my first semester as an Alpha Chi. Let's go all the way back to August, which feels like forever ago. Going through... Continue Reading →

Lyre Week | Initiation

Initiation is something that the media portrays as a mysterious, sometimes scary, event that occurs after your time as a new member has come to an end. But every sorority girl who has gone through initiation knows that it is so much more than that. Each sorority’s initiation might be kept secret, but that is... Continue Reading →

Welcome Pledge Class ’14!

First of all, I would like to give a huge "thank you" to all initiated members of Alpha Chi Omega and especially our recruitment chair, Jill Rosso, for putting on our best recruitment yet! For now, we'll put the chanting, bouncing, and clapping on hold, but all of our excitement for the PNMs turned AXO... Continue Reading →

All In the •AXΩ• Family

When a woman joins a sorority, she instantly extends her family: a so-called second family where she gains hundreds of sisters and a big, grand-big, and so on. But for some women in our chapter, their Alpha Chi Omega family includes their moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas, or cousins. For sophomore Faith McPherson, junior Kyra Fry,... Continue Reading →

Spring Initiation

Congratulations to the newest members of the Iota Lambda Chapter on their initiation this past Friday Alexandra Thomas, Meredith Dorr, Nicole Bell, and Amanda McFeeley are officially initiated members of Alpha Chi Omega. Congrats ladies and welcome to the sisterhood! May the memories to come be filled with laughter, loyalty, and friendship. Remember that this... Continue Reading →

New Members Discuss Initiation

It is finally here, Spring Initiation! New members have been hard at work exploring the world of Alpha Chi Omega and the Iota Lambda chapter is more than ready to welcome these girls into the bond. Each girl was asked to explain their feelings about the big day and what they believe being a fully... Continue Reading →

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