Dear New Members…

Dear New Members, This a letter to you, from the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega. Please know that we are so unbelievably excited for you to join our chapter. We fell in love with y’all during the recruitment process and we know y’all returned the feeling. We see so many things in you ladies that... Continue Reading →


TCU Alpha Chi Omega Year-in-Review

As I am sitting here typing this, students across TCU's campus are taking their last classes of the semester. We're just a few finals away from another year of college under our belts! For some, this means finishing their first year of college, and for others, this means in just a few days they'll be walking... Continue Reading →

A Big Experience

Sarah and Rissa's Story Although it doesn’t seem possible now, there was a time in my life when I didn’t know my big. I refer to these dark years as BB (before big). However, before I knew her, really knew her, I never could have guessed that I would end up as hers. My big... Continue Reading →

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