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Football. The arguably biggest sport in all of Texas, and some would say, in America as a whole. These days, football is an entire day, not just the game itself, but tailgating, game day dresses, mechanical bulls, free stuff basically everywhere; the list goes on and on. And, luckily for us here at TCU, going to a school that’s ranked #4 in the country definitely has its perks!

However, despite our now 5-0 undefeated winning streak, the Frogs have had some adversity to overcome this season.  With several game ending injuries starting from our first game against SFA and continuing through to last week’s game against Tech, TCU has not had an easy start. But watching the players in the game against Tech, and the game against Texas that just happened today, they definitely are not giving up.

Adversity is something that we all have to overcome, and our #4 ranked Horned Frogs are no stranger to that this season. But I think that that is what I love most about our school, is that we have adversity and we struggle, but we never give up. The heart that the boys exhibit out there on the field is exemplary, and it is one of the #1 reasons that I am proud to call myself a horned frog. Football is a sport that brings people together. I don’t know about ya’ll, but standing in the student section today, even with my swollen cowboy-boot clad feet, I felt like I was a part of something big. Something that was larger than rankings, and winning, and injuries.

Yes, rankings matter. Don’t get me wrong, I like to win, and I like when my team wins. But aside from all of that, what I love most about football is that it brings us together. Thousands of people are in the Carter, cheering on the same team. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, in greek life or not, live on campus or off, everyone is there for the same reason. To support the frogs! It is a really amazing feeling to be a part of something that brings people from all different places in life together. Whether we win or we lose, TCU football brings students together as a family, and I think that is pretty darn great. So whether you are a current student, an alumnus, or just a horned frog fan, go to the football games. Dress up, wear purple, put your boots on, tailgate, and stay the whole game. Go to them all, because support from fans is what makes football great. Winning all of our games won’t matter if there is nobody there to cheer when we make a touchdown, and to cheer when we win.

Upcoming Home Games:

Oct. 29th vs. West Virginia Mountaineers – 6:30pm

Nov. 14th vs. Kansas Jayhawks – TBA

Nov. 27th vs. Baylor Bears – 6:30pm


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